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Greater Therapy Centers in Alliance, North Ft Worth, TX

12650 N Beach St Suite 150
Fort Worth

Fax: (833)-311-0903

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Greater Therapy Centers (GTC) in the Alliance area offers individualized physical therapy treatment programs for patients suffering from injuries to their muscles, bones, and joints. Our licensed physical therapists in North Fort Worth design progressive treatment plans tailored for each patient. Our goal is to help patients return to work and their daily activities quickly, safely, and effectively. With physical therapy in the Alliance area, you have access to advanced therapy treatment options just around the corner.
Conveniently located on N. Beach Street in Fort Worth, Texas, call today to schedule an appointment!

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[Very] knowledgeable and professional. They work well with your schedule. Clean and pleasant.
Carol Bennett
Preston and the staff at this location were awesome; very professional, easy to work with, great attitude, very knowledgeable, and always encouraging. My therapist, Preston, made therapy bearable! I highly recommend him!
Russell Yoke
You will not be sorry if you choose Greater Therapy Centers – Alliance Physical Therapy center. I scheduled my surgery to reattach three of the four rotator cuff muscles in my shoulder and one detached bicep. My surgeon Dr. Howard Harris gave me a list of approved Physical Therapist who were trained to meet his specific protocol which was unique because the day after my surgery he started me on PT. I decided to research his approved PT Office list and do in person interviews with four offices from his list. After interviewing the clinical director DPT Preston Jones, I knew it was the place I was going spend the next 4 to 6 months rehabilitation my shoulder. Preston and his team took a real interest in making sure I was given the best chance for a full recover from my surgery. They kept me engaged in therapy with challenging exercises, explained why we were doing certain exercises and the muscles on which we were working. They provided me with home exercises to work on between office visits and made sure my therapy schedule was consistent. I was release from my Doctor after 4 months of PT because I had reached their accepted mobility goals, but I decided to continue for another 2 months. Charlene the office manager is the glue that holds the whole office together. She helped research insurance questions I had about my coverage, and she is happy and cheerful every day. Best of all she is working hard on her transition to become a true Texan so feel free to help her on her path. Caroline who is in school and getting close to become a licensed Physical Therapist is one of Preston’s most experienced assistants. Holley started working there toward the end of my recovery and she was a real stickler for you doing the proper technique when exercising because you can become lazy with your technique and not get the maximum benefit from the exercises. They are both fantastic assistants and they never had a bad day. There are a many Physical Therapy offices out there, but I am glad I decided to go to Preston’s office.
Dan Stricklin

What We Treat

Athlete Training

Physical Therapy

Dry Needling

Hand Therapy

Vertigo & Vestibular Rehabilitation

Balance & Fall Prevention

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A member of the Therapy Partners Group family of brands.
GTC strives to be the premier provider of physical and occupational therapy in the DFW area. Our therapists apply professional techniques and utilize state of the art tools to ensure that patients recover function and receive relief from pain as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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