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Greater Therapy Centers provide skilled physical and occupational therapy services to individuals suffering from pain or injury affecting the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints, and ligaments. Founded by experienced therapists, GTC began serving patients in 1997. GTC now has over 27 locations throughout the DFW area.
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Special Services & Techniques
In addition to providing a remarkable patient experience by delivering exceptional care, we also offer additional special techniques that make your recovery faster. Rapid Recovery Options: Rapid Recovery Normatec/Game Ready/Kinesio Taping Tissue Regeneration ASTYM Cupping Theragun ASTYM ASTYM Therapy is a type of physical therapy that promotes the regeneration of healthy soft tissues (muscles, tendons, […]
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Golf Performance
Our facility provides Golf Performance Training with the expertise of many TPI-certified fitness trainers, TPI movement screening, and video swing analysis. We will work with your Golf Pro or can help you find someone to meet your goals. Our programs will help you gain distance, mobility, strength, and stability to improve your game.
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Running Analysis Program
Running analysis is used to better understand a runner’s gait, cadence, foot-strike, and injury potential so that we can intervene and prevent potential running injuries. If you’ve already been injured, running analysis is an essential tool in your rehabilitation.
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Balance & Fall Prevention
Our expert clinicians are trained in evidence-based interventions, such as the Otago Exercise Program, that are proven by controlled clinical trials to effectively reduce the number of falls in older adults.
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Concussion Recovery
A Physical Therapist, trained in the management of concussion, is able to evaluate and provide treatment and education for symptoms of concussion, including headache and dizziness.
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Vertigo & Vestibular Rehabilitation
Vertigo, dizziness, and imbalance are commonly associated with a problem with the inner ear or vestibular system functioning. There are many causes of vertigo and dizziness that are treatable with the guidance of a physical therapist with specialized training in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy.
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Cold Laser Therapy
Cold Laser Therapy or Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a specific treatment that utilizes wavelengths of light that work with body tissue to help accelerate the healing process
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Sports Enhancement
Our sports enhancement program is designed to help you recover from an injury, prevent injury, which simultaneously enhancing your ability to compete.
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Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy takes a holistic approach to care through addressing the clinical conditions of a patient and recommending habits and home adaptations to help them participate more fully in day-to-day life.
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Underwater Treadmill
Our underwater treadmill offers a great way to decrease stress on your joints, resistance for strength training, and the pressure that helps support the body ultimately providing your muscles the opportunity to increase functionality sooner in a safe environment.
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I was a patient at GTC twice in 8 years, and received excellent PT which allowed me to care for my young children on my own again. Sandy and her team were amazing, and I continue to refer friends to her. Thank you!

Louise R.

The treatment I had was great and I will definitely use you in the future if needed!

Alice B.

The McKinney staff is fantastic. The length of my therapy helped a lot and I′ll miss y′all!

Donna A.

Shauna and Heather are great. The facilities are top-notch and spotlessly clean. A lot of care has been taken to get the most benefit out of each session for the patient. A pleasure to be here.

Warren E.

I had a great physical therapist, Sandy at Flower Mound. Everyone was great, my injury will take a year or so before I can get back to physical activity, but the staff has provided me with the tools to aid my recovery. Thanks.

W.R. Blackmon

This is my third time going to the GTC in Arlington. The staffs there are wonderful. They will always be my physical therapy center. The staffs- Chris, Jamail, Frashy, Cory, Shauna and Lisa- thank you for making me feel at ease.

Shirley Christian

Please praise this staff for their high level of professionalism and high level of encouraging their patients to do better. The atmosphere was upbeat, sunny, comfortable and very nurturing of hope & self-confidence.

GTC strives to be the premier provider of physical and occupational therapy in the DFW area. Our therapists apply professional techniques and utilize state of the art tools to ensure that patients recover function and receive relief from pain as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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