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Greater Therapy Centers

Greater Therapy Centers provide skilled physical and occupational therapy services to individuals suffering from pain or injury affecting the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints, and ligaments.

When an injury or surgery leaves you weak and in pain, your life is changed. You stop doing things you used to do and enjoy. For some people even performing simple daily living tasks becomes impossible. Physical therapy can help by relieving pain, improving mobility, and increasing strength. Treatment by a professional therapist promotes recovery and healing. In addition to treatment, the services of a GTC therapist include education. GTC helps you understand your condition and teaches you how to prevent recurring injury through lifestyle changes and active wellness practices.

Your GTC therapist will design a treatment plan that addresses individual needs and problems identified by your physician. At all GTC’s conveniently located centers, patients will find a welcoming, friendly staff ready to begin your therapy when you walk in the door. From referral through treatment, billing and collections, the professionals at GTC work to achieve the best possible outcome while taking into consideration your time and financial constraints.If you have a physician’s referral, please contact the office most convenient to you to schedule an appointment. If you do not have a physician’s referral, our GTC therapists will evaluate your condition, injury and overall wellness and assist you in obtaining a physician referral when therapy is recommended.GTC needs some information about you for our records. You will find the forms that need to be completed here. On the home page, select patient forms and choose if you are a standard patient with a non-work related injury or a worker’s compensation patient whose injury is related to work. Filling out the on-line forms will expedite your check-in process.We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing that allows free movement such as shorts, T-shirts, sweats, or exercise clothes. If desired, you may change into your appropriate attire at the Center.

On your first visit, to GTC, you will find a clean, inviting, professional and relaxed atmosphere. Our friendly front-office staff will greet you and introduce you to your therapist. The therapist will measure and assess your condition and compare your results with expected values for range of motion and strength.

Using the objective findings of the therapist’s assessment, your health information, and your physician’s comments, the therapist will develop and explain a treatment plan to reach your goals. Typically, this initial session requires about an hour to an hour and a half.

During the treatment phase of your therapy, you will have an exercise regimen specifically designed for your condition or injury as well as your general wellness. Your therapist will help you through various exercises and movements during your treatment. You will also be taught strategies and exercises to do at home to enhance the healing process.

It is critical to your recovery that you communicate with your therapist, follow their instructions, and tell them about any problems you have executing your exercises. Feel free to ask questions about any aspect of your care plan and notify your therapist of any change in your condition, symptoms or medications. This two-way communication helps your therapist monitor your progress and modify the exercises to fit your evolving requirements and capabilities.

A successful and timely recovery requires that you attend all scheduled appointments and follow the home exercises recommended by your therapist. If you need to contact your therapist, please go to our Contact Us page and select your therapist’s name. This will open an email form for you to complete and send a message directly to GTC.

GTC staff will use the information you provide to verify with the insurance carrier your therapy benefits. Typically, insurance coverage for therapy insurance coverage for therapy involves a co-pay, deductible or estimated coinsurance paid at the time of each visit, as well as submitting a claim to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. Your insurance benefits will be communicated to you prior to, or at the time of your first appointment, so that you are aware of your financial responsibility.

Please contact your insurance company for up to date paid claims for your physical therapy. If you have a balance due after the insurance payment, you will receive a statement of the outstanding balance due. Our experienced billing staff is always available to discuss any concerns or questions you have.

A member of the Therapy Partners Group family of brands.
GTC strives to be the premier provider of physical and occupational therapy in the DFW area. Our therapists apply professional techniques and utilize state of the art tools to ensure that patients recover function and receive relief from pain as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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