Manual Therapy at Greater Therapy Centers

What is Manual Therapy?

At Greater Therapy Centers we utilize several types of therapy techniques aimed at helping patients recover from pain.  Manual therapy also referred to as manipulative therapy is a hands-on technique to relieve pain and improve range of motion in muscles and joints. Instead of utilizing a machine or device our physical therapists use their hands to apply pressure to particular muscles. This method is used to help decrease pain caused by muscle spasm or joint dysfunction.

Manual therapy helps to restore motion to joints that have been otherwise limited in mobility due to pain. Manipulation, massage and mobilization are three common forms of manual therapy.   With manipulation therapy a licensed physical therapist uses their hands or a small tool to manipulate your muscles and soft tissue to help alleviate pain. Massage therapy is similar to manipulation however it involves working the knots and kinks out of your soft tissues.  For mobilization a physical therapist works on loosening up the joint causing pain.  This is done by moving the joint slowly while increasing the distance of movement directly into the barrier of a joint.

Manual Therapy is used to treat these conditions:

  • Headaches
  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Joint pain
  • Sports related injuries

Is manual therapy safe?

Yes.  Manual therapy performed by licensed physical therapists is a safe and effective treatment options for people suffering from pain associated with injuries to the muscles, joint and soft tissue.