How to Refer a Patient for Therapy

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The McKinney staff is fantastic. The length of my therapy helped a lot and I′ll miss y′all!
Donna A

How to Refer a Patient for Physical Therapy

Sending a referral for physical therapy is easy. GTC offers specialized orthopedic and sports injury services at conveniently located sites in the DFW area. Working with a referring physician, GTC develops a custom treatment plan designed to decrease or eliminate pain, improve strength, and return patients to their prior lifestyle as quickly as possible. Simply fax a referral or call our office to start the referral process.

Insurance Plans

Greater Therapy Center accepts a wide range of insurance plans.  Please contact us to find out if your specific plan is accepted at our offices.

Communicate with the Therapist

If you have any questions or concerns about a patient, treatment approach, or any aspect of our clinical services, please follow this link to find a specific therapist.

For general inquiries please contact our director of clinical services, Julie Wyatt. Julie can be reached at our Plano facility at 972-781-2322 or

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