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Physical Therapy in Dallas / Fort Worth

Greater Therapy Center’s licensed therapists provide individualized treatment for orthopedic injuries or injuries to the muscles, joints, spine and skeletal system. GTC customizes an intervention plan designed to meet goals established by the referring physician, the patient, and the therapist.

Please praise this staff for their high level of professionalism and high level of encouraging their patients to do better. The atmosphere was upbeat, sunny, comfortable and very nurturing of hope & self-confidence.

GTC’s Personalized Physical Therapy Services include:

    • Manual therapy is a hands-on technique to relieve pain and improve range of motion in muscles and joints.

    • Stretching and soft tissue mobilization uses stretching and deep pressure to break up fibrous muscle tissue such as scar tissue and relax muscle tension.
    • Dry needling is a technique where the therapist inserts a thin filament needle into soft tissues to stimulate the healing process (muscle “trigger points”, fascia, tendons and ligaments, etc.). The result of dry needling is pain relief and restoration of healthy physiology.
    • Conditioning and weight program is a supervised program using fitness and aerobic equipment with a personal program designed to increase muscle strength and endurance.
    • Modalities such as Ultrasound, Moist Heat, Paraffin, Cold Laser and Electrical stimulation, to facilitate the manual and exercise techniques.
    • McKenzie approach for neck and lower back pain includes exercises tailored to the patient’s condition that will gradually centralize or remove pain. Once proper technique is learned, the patient may practice these exercises at home.
    • Custom splints to protect injured or surgical sites, provide support to weakened structures, or correct joint deformity.
    • Desensitization techniques for surgical wounds and neurological problems involve very gentle stimulation that is gradually increased as a patient’s tolerance adapts.
    • Work and functional simulation are activities individually designed to recreate the physical demands of the patient’s work tasks.

    • Amputee Rehabilitation
    • Aquatics Therapy
    • Vestibular Therapy
    • Pelvic Floor Terapy
Therapy for wrist pain
Physical Therapist stretching Patient

Our outcome-based therapy strives to optimize:

  • A patient’s ability to return to activities that have become difficult or impossible due to injury or disease
  • The elimination or reduction of pain related to the areas of the body affected
  • Over-all joint motion
  • Muscle and joint strength
  • Wellness and quality of life
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