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      To communicate with our therapists, view our locations and services and print in-house forms

      We look forward to working with you to reach your goals in health and well being. This section of our website is designed to provide you with educational information on injuries and conditions.

      Our Injuries & Conditions resource is for informational purposes only.  Do not diagnose, self treat, or attempt any exercises from the content on this site without contacting Greater Therapy Centers, your physician or a qualified specialist first.

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      Greater Therapy Centers Serving Texas in Dallas-Fort Worth

      GTC offers specialized orthopedic and sports injury services at conveniently located sites in the DFW area. Working with a referring physician, GTC develops a custom treatment plan designed to decrease or eliminate pain, improve strength, and return patients to their prior lifestyle as quickly as possible.

      Shauna and Heather are great. The facilities are top-notch and spotlessly clean. A lot of care has been taken to get the most benefit out of each session for the patient. A pleasure to be here.
      Warren E.
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      Greater Therapy Center’s (GTC) licensed therapists provide individualized treatment for orthopedic injuries or injuries to the muscles, joints, spine and skeletal system. GTC customizes an intervention plan designed to meet goals established by the referring physician, the patient, and the therapist.

      Our outcome-based therapy strives to optimize:

      A patient’s ability to return to activities that have become difficult or impossible due to injury or disease

      The elimination or reduction of pain related to the areas of the body affected

      Over-all joint motion

      Muscle and joint strength

      Wellness and quality of life

      GTC operates multiple centers throughout DFW; each operated by a licensed therapist and a staff that focuses first on patient needs and comfort.